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Hygiene Services

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for Feminine Hygiene, Air Care,

Hand Hygiene & More!

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Going Green?

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Ambient Air Scenting Service

Scents speak louder than words

Ways To Save With WellBeing Hygiene

Eliminate Plumbing Blockages


Methodist University reported a 100% decrease in plumbing blockages with our Touch-Free Feminine Hygiene Services.

Conserve Water


Our Automated Faucet Service delivers water only when needed, resulting in water usage reduction of up to 70%.

Save On Costly Refills


WellBeing’s Hand Soap and Sanitizer Services can save you over 50% on you current refill costs.

Enjoy WellBeing Hygiene’s Full-Service Model

A hygiene consultant will conduct an onsite survey and create a customized hygiene service program tailored specifically for your needs.

Our service team will then install and maintain all of your services on a weekly-to-monthly schedule.