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June 2012


Bathroom Sanitation Checklist

Sanitizing a bathroom is hard work but, with routine cleanings, the task will become easier and less burdensome each time. One may find it easier to start at one side of a restroom and work his or her way to the other side; others may…

Out of Order Outhouse

Top Restroom Complaints

Complaints seem to come much easier than compliments. Nowhere does this hold more true than at a public place, or business in which customers pay for service. Restrooms particularly are easy targets for complaints if they don’t meet expectations. Though there are many, the top…


How to Avoid Germs at Work

The workplace can sometimes prove tricky when trying to avoid germs and still get a job done. Outside of going to the extremes of wearing elbow-high gloves or hiding away to prevent professional handshakes, there are ways—reasonable ways—to avoid germs, or at least limit your…