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September 2012

Hand Washing

Why Hands Free is the Answer

Not all that long ago, who would have thought that we would one day be able to go to the restroom and flush the toilet without using our hands? Or have soap dispensed right into our palms without pushing a button? Today, these luxuries are…


10 Ways to Avoid Germs at Work

Any place where people congregate is a place where germs will collect. The office is one of those places and, the smaller the space or the more co-workers who share that space, the greater the amount of germs that will generate. You can avoid germs…


Who Benefits from hands Free Restroom Products

Are you a business owner thinking about investing in touch-free products for your restrooms? Perhaps you’ve seen hands-free devices in other restrooms; you’ve probably even used them yourself. No matter what has led you to install touch-free hygiene products, you and your business, your employees,…