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10 Ways to Avoid Germs at Work

Any place where people congregate is a place where germs will collect. The office is one of those places and, the smaller the space or the more co-workers who share that space, the greater the amount of germs that will generate. You can avoid germs and potential illness in the workplace by following these 10 steps.

Wipe down desk and computer area often

Desks and computers are used and touched so much during the work day that germs accumulate quickly on and around these areas. Clean them often.

Take precautions in the kitchen

An office kitchen, according to reports, carries the most germs and bacteria of anywhere in the office. It’s no surprise, really, since it’s a communal area and probably the most used area of the office. Wash hands thoroughly before and after handling food, and after touching places like the refrigerator door handle and microwave oven.

Use a paper towel or tissue when opening doors

Door knobs and handles are breeding grounds for germs. Use a paper towel or tissue to avoid skin contact with these areas, as they spread bacteria that can cause sickness. Otherwise, wash hands or use hand sanitizer after touching door handles.

Avoid touching your face

Try to keep your hands away from your face, particularly around your nose and mouth, to avoid illness.

Don’t eat at your desk

Your desk area likely is already invested with germs, so why eat there? By eating at your desk, crumbs and other food particles take up permanent residence at your work area. In addition to germs, food debris can attract rodents that, of course, carry their own set of germs and, in some cases, disease.

Bring personal hand sanitizer, wipes with you

Hand sanitizer and wipes will make sure your personal space, and your hands, stay clean. Make a habit to keep these items at your desk as well as in your car so, when you leave work, you can sanitize your hands.

Dispose of trash often

Take the trash out as often as needed. For a single worker using a trash bin, at least weekly trash-takeout—usually on Fridays before the weekend—is necessary.

Be careful in the bathroom

Don’t touch anything unnecessarily in the bathroom and always wash your hands before getting back to work. In addition to the obvious sanitary reasons, washing hands will prevent the transfer of germs from the restroom to other areas of the office.

Wash hands following a handshake

Shaking hands is part of business but always wash your hands afterward. Hands-free restrooms allow you to wash your hands while providing you the ability to not touch anything while washing.

Consider, if you haven’t already, a professional cleaning service

Chances are, your office is cleaned regularly by professional cleaners. But, if it isn’t, you may want to suggest to management that a regular cleaning service is a good idea. It will keep the office environment both professional-looking in appearance and, above all, clean.

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