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December 2012


Teaching Your Child to Properly Wash Their Hands

Washing hands regularly is the best way to prevent the spread of germs. Children must learn the importance of hand washing early, and it’s up to parents to teach them the proper technique. They’ll not only stay healthier but they’ll have the foundation for good,…


Saving Money with Hands Free Restroom Equipment

Installing hands-free restroom equipment is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will guests of your restroom be pleased but so will your bank account. In addition to helping prevent germs and sickness, hands-free restroom equipment saves money on supplies you’d otherwise…


How to avoid germs at work and at school

We spend the majority of our days at work and school. The fact that we spend so much of our time here with others makes these places a breeding ground for germs. So what can we do to avoid these germs and prevent their spread?…


The Importance of Restroom Sanitation

A restroom can serve as a reflection of the type of business or facility you operate and manage. In addition to helping maintain as healthy an environment as possible, a clean and sanitized restroom serves as a reminder to guests that your business values their…


10 Ways to Avoid Becoming Sick this Winter

The start of winter usually brings with it a bout of sickness. What is it about the change of the seasons that give many of us the sniffles and an aggravating cough? While the contagious nature of most sickness plays a big role, some of…


How Facility Managers Can Cut Costs

As a facility manager, you’re probably already taking steps to save money. That’s part of your job—to ensure operations run both smoothly and efficiently. But, if your facilities aren’t equipped with automatic and hands-free technologies—like automatic-flush toilets and hands-free soap dispensers, faucets and dryers—you’re missing…