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Top Restroom Complaints

Complaints seem to come much easier than compliments. Nowhere does this hold more true than at a public place, or business in which customers pay for service. Restrooms particularly are easy targets for complaints if they don’t meet expectations. Though there are many, the top…


How to Avoid Germs at Work

The workplace can sometimes prove tricky when trying to avoid germs and still get a job done. Outside of going to the extremes of wearing elbow-high gloves or hiding away to prevent professional handshakes, there are ways—reasonable ways—to avoid germs, or at least limit your…


2 Myths about Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

On a daily basis, you come into contact with several items that have been touched by numerous people. This frequent contact spreads germs which cause sickness, especially during flu season. Hand sanitizer dispensers are one of the quickest ways to remove germs from your hands,…


5 Reasons to Choose Mounted Soap Dispensers

Many people would agree that washing your hands on a regular basis is essential to reduce the spread of common illness, especially during the cold and flu season. A mounted soap dispenser is the perfect way to remind people to wash their hands and stay…


Common Myths about Feminine Hygiene Disposal

Myths and outdated practices regarding feminine hygiene continue to influence many women today. While some are disregarded as unlikely there are a few myths that still remain persuasive. The disposal of feminine hygiene waste at first glance might seem to be an unimportant issue since…


The Advantages of Air Freshener Service

Unpleasant smells are frequently found lurking in bathrooms and musky offices, which make using those facilities bothersome and at times unbearable. In order to combat the many disagreeable smells floating around, many business owners have started utilizing air freshener service. While its main benefit is…


Save Money and Avoid Germs

Facility managers and building owners alike want to save money on the expense needed to operate a facility. The best place to start is in the restrooms of these facilities. There are some not so obvious places in the restroom that can be overlooked when…


Why Choose Dyson Hand Dryer

Since our partnership with Dyson’s Airblade, many have asked us “why Dyson?” The answer is simple. The Dyson Airblade hand dryer is simply the best. Below are some of the highlights of the Dyson Hand Dryer Hands are dry in as little as 12 seconds….