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What Schools Should do to Fight Germs

Although schools are necessary for furthering kids’ knowledge and skill sets, it is also a hotbed for germs and other illness causing contaminants. Regardless of how clean a particular student is, there is no way that he/she could completely avoid the ever-apparent compilation of germs….


Germs are Everywhere – Protect Yourself

Germs, the all-embracing term for bacteria and viruses, are everywhere and now is the time to start protecting yourself from these unwanted visitors. Whether you are at home, work, or even enjoying a day at the park, it’s guaranteed that you will come into contact…


Is Hand Sanitizer Better Than Hand Washing?

Some people believe that using hand sanitizer is better than washing your hands the “old fashioned” way (with soap and water). This statement all depends on what you believe is “better”. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer does kill more bacteria in a shorter period of time than…


How to NOT Get Sick at Work this Winter

The winter time is the most common time to get sick. The cold and flu season reminds us all how important it is to practice good hygiene especially at work. Your work place is usually the first culprit when it comes to the source of…

Toilet Sneeze

What is the Sneeze Effect?

The “sneeze effect” in toilets is something that often goes overlooked. When you flush your toilet, your toilet spews plumes of bacteria, moisture and viruses in the air. These particles can land on your bathroom surfaces (or you) up to eight feet. Simply putting your…


Restroom Sanitation for Schools

Many schools don’t take into account the need for added restroom sanitation services. Schools including k-12, colleges and universities alike should consider using the latest technological advancements in their restroom facilities. Taking advantage of these services such as automatic cleaners, automatic faucets and feminine hygiene…


Washing Your Hands – Let’s Keep it Simple

Washing your hands is something we should all do not only after using the restroom, but throughout the day. It’s the best way to help prevent the spread of germs. Clean hands will help you avoid getting sick and will help prevent you from spreading…


The Risks Associated with Sanitary Napkin Receptacles

The traditional Sanitary Napkin Receptacle poses many risks for women in public restrooms. Soiled tampons and sanitary napkins may contain blood borne pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis. Typical plastic or metal Sanitary Napkin Receptacles requires women touch the receptacle in order to open and…


Restroom Sanitation

Restroom sanitation is not something most business owners spend much time considering. On the list of corporate objectives, the condition of the office bathroom is usually pretty low. But wise employers understand that it is often the little things that help set great work environments…