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About The Founder

Doug Manning, OBE, whose business management experience spans four decades, founded WellBeing (formerly Hygafem) in 1997 after completing a 12-year tenure as the head of the USA subsidiary of a major, international business-to-business company.

The original WellBeing concept was initially modeled on a prior business built by Mr. Manning. The WellBeing name made its debut in Buford, GA with a small office, two employees, no customers and a small service range. Word quickly spread about the fledgling enterprise and soon the company outgrew its first premises, moving to Gainesville, GA at the end of the year 2000.

Doug, a member of many charity-related boards in both the United States and Britain, has built his career around a solid citizen profile.

By providing a much needed service and empowering employees and his management team to do exemplary work, Doug has taken the WellBeing concept to greater heights.

Today, WellBeing serves a myriad of clients in multiple industries in the SouthEast and MidWest. Its service range has vastly increased and employs cutting-edge technology, which provides significantly improved hygiene standards in facilities of all sizes. The WellBeing name is known for its excellent customer service culture and provides 100% of promised services and goes the distance by maintaining close communication with its customers from initial sale through service and billing.