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Breeze Air Freshener Service

WellBeing’s Air Freshener Service creates a clean, fresh environment for your facility.

All Natural Breeze Model

WellBeing Hygiene provides Breeze Air Freshener service to neutralize odors and ensure a fresh environment for employees and visitors in your facility.

Our non-aerosol units will circulate essential oils by way of a natural wood-pulp wick and an internal fan, which can be adjusted to produce the appropriate amount of fragrance for varied spaces.

  • Fan On – for continuous flow of scent for heavy traffic areas
  • Fan Off – for natural flow of air carry scent
  • Fan Auto – for scent to carry only when lights are turned on to prevent fragrance build up

The Breeze Air Freshener Service ensures complete odor control throughout your facility by neutralizing odor versus just masking it. Each chrome air freshener unit emits a light fragrance that is very subtle, and not overpowering. Multiple and seasonal scents are available to prevent scent burnout, and WellBeing Hygiene partners with you to customize the perfect scent for your facility. To prevent theft and vandalism, the unit is a completely closed system. Full installation, maintenance and refills are provided by our Client Service Technicians. Batteries are replaced and recycled at no additional charge.

If you are searching for Air Freshener Service for your facility, please contact us.