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Automatic Cleaning Service

Automatic Flush and Cleaning Systems ensure that urinals and toilets are always clean, odorless, and bacteria free.

  • Installed, maintained, and serviced monthly by WellBeing Client Service Technicians
  • Unit cleans urinals and toilet bowls every 15 minutes
  • Reduces cleaning costs by eliminating the need to scrub fixtures and store cleaning chemicals
  • Chemicals kill 99.9% of bacteria and uric acid in the water
  • Prevents “yellowing” of urinal bowls
  • Combats odor and inhibit the growth of bacteria
  • Chemicals are septic tank safe and softens water over time, eliminating build up in septic pipes
  • Significant Return on Investment versus non-cleaning fixtures
  • Ensures no human waste is left behind
  • Complimentary battery replacement and recycling

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Contact us today for a customized Return on Investment, or if you have a question about our Automatic Cleaning Service.