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Automatic Flush Service

WellBeing’s Automatic Flush Service ensures that urinals and toilets are always flushed and presentable. The touch-free unit eliminates potential points of cross-infection.

  • Installation, maintenance, and monthly service by WellBeing Client Service Technicians
  • Automatically flushes after each use
  • Ensures that no human waste containing bacteria or odor is left behind in the fixture
  • Hands-free flush reduces fixture damage due to kicking flushometer
  • Adjusts significantly for toilet or urinal usage and prevents mid-usage flushing
  • Allows unit to work with the toilet seat in the “Up” position
  • ADA Compliant
  • Installation requires no water supply interruption or additional pluming
  • No capital investment in equipment
  • Complimentary battery replacement and recycling


WellBeing Hygiene offers additional services, including Automatic Cleaning Systems, Toilet Seat Sanitizing Wipes, and Antibacterial Floor Mats.

If you would like to learn more about Automatic Toilet Flushing Systems, or any other restroom sanitation services we provide, please contact us.