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Avoiding Germs in the Office

Getting sick is a part of life, but you can take preventative steps to ensure you are limiting your risk of coming into contact with germs which can reduce the number of times you become ill. Germs are unavoidable, but you can be proactive in the prevention of the spread of germs. Automated hygiene technologies have helped us when avoiding germs at work. If your current work environment does not utilize touch free technology in your restrooms, talk to your building manager or facility owner about some of the products listed below.

Touch Free Soap Dispensing

When using the restroom facility at work, it is wise to always wash your hands. But the equipment in office restrooms, even the soap dispensers, can contain germs. Touch free soap dispensing units make washing your hands in the restroom an even cleaner activity.

Automatic Faucets

Research has provided some interesting data when it comes to hand washing in public restrooms. People are 50% more likely to wash their hands in a touch-free restroom environment. Your office should be equipped with a full range of touch free services, and it should start with automatic faucets.

Automatic Flushers

When avoiding germs at the office, it would be a wise investment to install automatic flushers. This touch-free solution decreases areas of potential cross-infection and odor. Automatic flushers not only help you when looking to prevent the spread of germs in your office restroom, but it also helps control costs by limiting the number of flushes during the day.

Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hand hygiene plays a critical role in preventing the transmission of MRSA, Influenza, and other diseases. Restroom services such as hand sanitizer dispeners will help you as look to provide a clean and healthy restroom environment. Touch-free sanitizer can eliminate 99.99% of common germs often found in the office environment.

At WellBeing, we provide a wide range of touch-free solutions for public facilities such as offices, schools and hospitals just to name a few. While avoiding germs at the office, it is wise to make the proper investment in restroom touch free technology. Your employees and guests to your office will be happy you did.

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