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Food Processing Plants

Food Processing Relies on WellBeing to Provide Hygiene Programs

WellBeing’s Automated Hygiene Technologies and Services Include:

  • Touch-Free Feminine Hygiene Units
  • Anti-Bacterial Soap Dispensers
  • Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Stations
  • Air Fresheners & Sanitizers
  • Automatic Flush Units & Toilet Cleaners
  • Touch-Free, Automatic Faucets
  • MisMats for Toilets & Urinals
  • Ambient Air Scenting

WellBeing Provides the Following Safeguards to Food Processing Facilities:

  • Hand sanitizing service that kills 99.99% of germs such as MRSA, VRE, and E-Coli
  • Decreased risk of cross-contamination in the restroom
  • Encouragement of hand washing with touch-free technologies
  • OSHA and ADA certified hygiene programs
  • Decreased water consumption and cost per hand wash
  • Employee retention and decreased sickness and downtime
  • Environmental protection by encouraging “Green” facility programs

“Fieldale Farms is regulated by the US Department of Agriculture. WellBeing’s services help us exceed the strict sanitary regulations. It has been a positive factor in the use of our restrooms for our employees.”

Clint Scroggs
Safety Director
Fieldale Farms