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How Facility Managers Can Cut Costs

As a facility manager, you’re probably already taking steps to save money. That’s part of your job—to ensure operations run both smoothly and efficiently. But, if your facilities aren’t equipped with automatic and hands-free technologies—like automatic-flush toilets and hands-free soap dispensers, faucets and dryers—you’re missing out on some valuable savings.
The following are areas in which these technologies can help fatten your business’ bank account and keep your facilities’ many guests happy.


Hands-free devices can eliminate the need for products. If your facility is equipped with a hands-free dryer, for example, you won’t need paper towels. That alone not only saves you money on supply costs, but you’re helping the environment at the same time. It’s a win-win. And, while devices like hands-free soap dispensers obviously require soap, you’re practically guaranteed to reduce costs since a small amount is all that is needed, and dispensed, per use.


You can bet your cleaning crews will appreciate your investment in hands-free technologies. They’ll arrive to overall cleaner restrooms and less mess: no toilets that haven’t been flushed, no soapy puddles on the counters or floors creating a hazard and no paper towels scattered across the floors or piled up beside the trash can. Cleaners will spend less time cleaning and more time maintaining the facilities. Additionally, the staff and employees will stay healthier by using touch-free technologies. Germs will be fewer and the spread of sickness will be reduced greatly—saving the business on sick time and ultimately improving productivity.


You’ve probably walked in a restroom where someone has left the water running. Who knows how long it was running before you found it, and who knows how much water was wasted. Plus, faucets left running can cause bigger and more costly problems: flooding. Hands-free faucets that only turn on when their sensors detect a user will guarantee you a reasonable monthly water bill—certainly lower than it would be with a manual faucet, and you’ll all but eliminate the possibility of flooding due to a running faucet. Another benefit: you’re helping the environment by using only the necessary amount of water required.

Additionally, you’ll find more savings with automatic-flush toilets that use less water per flush and only flush when necessary. In fact, automatic flushers adjust significantly for toilet or urinal usage and prevents mid-usage flushing. Moreover, hands-free flushing reduces fixture damage due to kicking the flush-o-meter; in other words, hands-free devices will save you money on frustrating maintenance costs.

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