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Modern Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom has come a long way in the last century, with more of a focus on luxury and relaxation than ever before. Instead of being used solely for getting ready in the mornings, the bathroom has become a sort of escape from daily stresses and a place to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul. Today, many homeowners utilize modern designs to create their own personal sanctuary. The following are modern bathroom ideas that will transform your plain bathroom into an artful masterpiece.

Hands-free technology

For most homeowners, creating a bathroom that has both practicality and a stylish flair is a major goal and with hands-free technology they can accomplish that goal easily. Both modern and hygienic, hands-free technology is a huge trend in modern bathrooms today. Automatic faucets, cleaners, dispensers, etc. are a great way to vamp up your bathroom, while simultaneously promoting a healthy lifestyle.

At Wellbeing, we provide full-service hygiene technologies that are designed to decrease the spread of germs by promoting hygienic practices, give your bathroom a modernized feel, and ultimately foster wellness and wellbeing. Some of our automated technologies includes: touch free soap and sanitizer dispensing, air fresheners and automatic faucets.


“Going green” is a trend that is being used in many modern bathrooms around the country today. People are starting to see what kind of impact their daily lives have on the environment and are consciously looking for ways to lessen their harmful effects. WellBeing offers the most innovative restroom technology in the industry that makes “going green” easier than ever.

WellBeing is committed to helping the environment and reducing our carbon footprint through our services and products. Our touch-free technology, environmentally friendly soap, and other green services are designed specifically with the environment in mind. The “green” benefits of our

  • Decreased use of toxic cleaning chemicals
  • Lower water consumption
  • Less sanitary waste from entering sewers and shorelines
  • Safe battery disposal
  • Environmentally friendly soap and sanitizing service
  • LEED credit

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