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Costly Restroom Plumbing Blockages Caused by Flushed Sanitary Waste

CleanLink’s Restroom Germ Myths and Realities Revealed article reveals that the sanitary napkin bin is the top of the list for the most contaminated germ “hot spot” in a ladies restroom. As a result, females can feel very uncomfortable about touching traditional sanitary napkin bins because of their unsanitary nature and risk of exposure to harmful bacteria. Instead, ladies will often flush their soiled waste, causing costly and disruptive plumbing blockages. Our touch-free feminine hygiene service eliminates plumbing blockages by providing a safe, discreet, and hygienic solution to dispose of waste. The touchless units, along with the WellCard’s anti-microbial technology, provide the only safe alternative to decrease the risk of cross-infection and the spread of germs in the female restroom.

“WellBeing Hygiene’s Feminine Hygiene Disposal service is the perfect fit for our Traditional Residence Halls’ unique requirements and an added signature service for our incoming freshmen women. Since we implemented the touch-free pedal unit service last August, we have had ABSOLUTELY NO blockages in the two buildings that were once plagued with constant plumbing issues.”

Barbara Morgan
Director of Housing and Residence Life
Methodist University

Odor in the Restroom

Facing a foul odor upon entering a restroom can completely taint a client’s overall impression of the facility. Restrooms can be a hot bed for unpleasant aromas, as poor ventilation combines with confined spacing to allow vulgar odors to invade the entire area. Furthermore, germs and disease-causing bacteria can collect on restroom surfaces, inviting more odors inside. As a restroom harbors more bacteria, an offensive smell is virtually guaranteed. To achieve a hygienic, fresh restroom environment, odor must be eliminated versus masked. Therefore, facility managers should consider implementing multiple odor-neutralizing services. For instance, facility managers can install WellBeing’s all-natural Breeze air freshener service, as well as lightly scented urinal screens to attack odors at their source for a comprehensive air care system. In addition, our automatic flush & cleaning service ensures a bacteria free toilet/urinal bowl with completely touch-free operation. Unpleasant smells in the ladies restroom can be safely solved with WellBeing’s feminine hygiene service that inhibits bacterial growth and odor.

Costly Refills 1

Overpriced Refills for Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizing Units

Facility managers include soap in the restroom to encourage hand washing, decrease the risk of spreading bacteria, and reduce absenteeism.  However, the cost of purchasing overpriced refills may inhibit availability of soap and sanitizer units throughout a building.  When people encounter soiled, empty soap dispensers or non-automated fixtures, they may opt to not wash their hands. WellBeing provides touch-free soap and sanitizing services at a much lower cost than the “refill it yourself” method.  Our service encourages proper hand hygiene practices by guaranteeing a clean, automatic dispenser that will reduce your building’s cost per hand wash.  On average, WellBeing’s Soap Service and Sanitizing Service costs up to 50% less than standard bulk refills. In addition, battery exchanges and recycling are included in our full service price. WellBeing consultants are readily available to conduct a customized cost savings analysis based on your current refill costs.

Sickness 1

Sickness & Downtime

WellBeing’s #1 mission is to prevent the spread of bacteria throughout facilities through our touch-free services suite. Viruses and bacteria, such as staphylococcus, E. coli, hepatitis A, the flu, and the common cold, prowl on bathroom surfaces like sanitary waste units, urinals, soap pumps and toilet seats. By offering WellBeing’s touch-free services in your building, you will keep your employees and customers healthy. HealthCare Communication News states that “hand washing is the single most effective way to prevent the spread of contagious disease when done correctly. It is important that we raise awareness about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not only does hand washing in communities prevent the spread of contagious symptoms, such as colds, but also more serious diseases, such as hepatitis A and meningitis.” WellBeing’s cost-effective, touch-free Hand Soap Service encourages proper hand washing while boosting your bottom line. In addition, WellBeing’s Automatic Feminine Hygiene Disposal Service provides a complete barrier of protection from bloodborne pathogens and bacteria by ensuring no physical contact with the sanitary waste unit.

Other WellBeing services that reduce the spread of germs, viruses, and bacteria include:
• Automatic Hand Sanitizing Service
• Automatic Faucet Service
• Restroom Sanitizing Service
• Sanitizing Wipes Service
• Automatic Flush & Cleaning Systems for Toilets & Urinals
• Hand Dryer Service
• Medical Waste Disposal Services

Out of Order Outhouse

A Poor Image

A facility’s restroom can be the defining factor for customer satisfaction and patron retention. According to a recent Harris Interactive poll, as many as 94 percent of facility patrons are unwilling to return to an establishment if the restrooms are unsanitary; therefore, achieving a competitive edge begins with cleanliness. With the average person visiting the restroom between six and eight times a day, the need for effective odor control and cleaning practices are crucial. WellBeing’s all-natural Breeze Air Freshener Service and Feminine Hygiene Disposal provide long-lasting odor control and bacteria prevention that will improve a facility’s image and reputation while reducing health risks to employees and patrons. Markets are more competitive than ever, and increasing employee satisfaction and customer retention are key strategies for achieving continued productivity and profitability. Providing touch-free services like Automatic Flush & Cleaning Units in a facility’s restroom is a significant factor in maintaining customer and employee approval. WellBeing’s complete suite of services boosts your image by attacking and eliminating bacteria and odors at the source to create a sanitary, pleasant environment.

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