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Restroom Cleaning Service

The WellClean Service removes soils, urine, and germs from restroom floors and surfaces that traditional and microfiber mops leave behind. Our proprietary blend of natural enzymes adhere to all surfaces, preventing stains and bacteria growth.

  • A blend of natural enzymes are applied to surfaces such as tile floors, grout, industrial mats, carpets, upholstery, and fabrics to stop adhesion of stains and ‘bad bacteria.’
  • Plant-based solvents are non-toxic and readily biodegradable.
  • ‘Good bacteria’ is sprayed onto the surface, killing the harmful bacteria, which is then extracted by a vacuum.
  • The ‘good bacteria’ continue to multiply on the surface, proactively dissolving stains, preventing re-soiling and cross-infection, and counteracts odor until the next scheduled service.
  • String and flat mops left 30 times more urine residue on hard-surface floors and grout compared to WellClean.
  • The service is proven to be 60 times more effective at removing bacterial contamination than mops, which are more likely to spread disease and odor-causing bacteria than remove them.
  • Food-grade de-foamer is available and completely safe for food preparation areas.
  • WellClean reduces more than 99.9% of targeted microbes on surfaces.

Contact us today to schedule a WellClean Service for your restroom.