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Antibacterial Floor Mat Service

WellBeing’s Antibacterial Floor Mat keeps prevent the unpleasant smell of urine and floor damage.

  • Antimicrobial fabric from the urinal and commode mats neutralize the smell of urine
  • Antimicrobial fiber disinfects and kills bacteria in urine that causes odor and infection
  • Floor Mats design for either toilets or urinals
  • Installed and replaced monthly by WellBeing Client Service Technicians
  • Protects your floors from uric acid odor and damage
  • Prevents tracking of urine outside of restroom
  • Eliminates the risk of accidental slippage hazards
  • Time spent cleaning restroom floors is decreased
  • Reduction in cleaning chemicals consumed

WellBeing Hygiene offers a full line of restroom services, including Automatic Cleaning Systems, Automatic Flush Systems, and Toilet Seat Sanitizing Wipes.

If you would like to learn more about our Antibacterial Floor Mats and how they provide a clean, healthy restroom, please contact us.