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Saving Money with Hands Free Restroom Equipment

Installing hands-free restroom equipment is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will guests of your restroom be pleased but so will your bank account. In addition to helping prevent germs and sickness, hands-free restroom equipment saves money on supplies you’d otherwise have to regularly purchase as well as on monthly utility costs.

Save on sick time

From automatic-flush toilets, to hands-free soap dispensers and faucets, to hands-free dryers—these technologies help prevent germs and the spread of illness. How does this save money? If you’re an employer, you’ll have a healthy and more productive workforce and get, so to speak, more “bang for your buck.” You’ll also find that you spend less on employee sick time. And, perhaps more far-reaching and a benefit that you may not see, you’ll be saving others money on healthcare costs. Think about it: by using your facility’s hands-free equipment, guests to your restroom will be less likely to contract germs, get sick and spread that sickness to others. Hands-free restroom equipment can truly help keep an entire community healthy.

Save on supplies, cleaning costs

Money that you otherwise would spend on items like soap and paper towels will be money saved if you equip your restroom with hands-free equipment. This may not sound like a sizable expense but, in a year’s time or longer, that money really adds up. Additionally, restroom facilities that are used by a large population—like those at schools or large businesses—will see great savings on supplies since they obviously use more.
Self-dispensing soap and paper towels also can cause a mess in the restroom. Cleaning crews will be grateful that they don’t have to wipe up sticky messes and pick up paper towels that litter the floor. This will save them hours over the course of time…hours they can spend tending to their other duties or assisting other employees with tasks.

Save on utilities

The best part of automatic and hands-free faucets—besides the obvious benefit of not having to touch them—is that they turn off when their sensors no longer detect someone utilizing them. This will save you money on your monthly utility costs as it prevents someone from mistakenly leaving the water running. This can be especially beneficial to schools, where forgetful children, often in a hurry, scamper off without checking to see if they turned off the faucet. After all, water can run for a long time before someone notices it and lead to bigger problems.

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