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WellBeing Hygiene is Going Paperless!

In 2015, WellBeing Hygiene is moving to a paperless service and receipt system to facilitate efficient service visits and reduce waste. Upon the completion of each service visit, an electronic receipt will be automatically generated via a handheld tablet. While onsite, our Client Service Technicians…


Saving Money with Hands Free Restroom Equipment

Installing hands-free restroom equipment is one of the best investments you can make. Not only will guests of your restroom be pleased but so will your bank account. In addition to helping prevent germs and sickness, hands-free restroom equipment saves money on supplies you’d otherwise…

Hand Washing

Why Hands Free is the Answer

Not all that long ago, who would have thought that we would one day be able to go to the restroom and flush the toilet without using our hands? Or have soap dispensed right into our palms without pushing a button? Today, these luxuries are…


Why Choose Dyson Hand Dryer

Since our partnership with Dyson’s Airblade, many have asked us “why Dyson?” The answer is simple. The Dyson Airblade hand dryer is simply the best. Below are some of the highlights of the Dyson Hand Dryer Hands are dry in as little as 12 seconds….


Avoiding Germs in the Office

Getting sick is a part of life, but you can take preventative steps to ensure you are limiting your risk of coming into contact with germs which can reduce the number of times you become ill. Germs are unavoidable, but you can be proactive in…


WellBeing Partners with Dyson Airblade

We are proud to announce a new hand dryer partnership with Dyson’s Airblade. Working in just 12 seconds, it’s the fastest hand dryer – and it’s hygienic, too, forcing air through a HEPA filter before blowing it onto hands. And because it uses up to…


Modern Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom has come a long way in the last century, with more of a focus on luxury and relaxation than ever before. Instead of being used solely for getting ready in the mornings, the bathroom has become a sort of escape from daily stresses…