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The Impact of Restroom Sanitation on Customer Satisfaction

Having clean and sanitized restrooms at your place of business can increase your bottom line. It’s true. You might be surprised by the number of customers who take note of a clean restroom.

Clean restrooms give guests the assurance that you care about your business; that you value the needs of your customers and employees. Their cleanliness is a reflection of other aspects of your business. Guests of a restaurant, for instance, might use their first impression of your restrooms to determine the matter in which you operate your kitchen. If the restrooms are clean and well-stocked, guests are likely to assume your kitchen is clean—extremely important for a restaurant, of course. Why, after all, would a business invest in and care so much about their restrooms and not their kitchen and dining areas?

Clean restrooms also help to bring customers back to your business. Sure, if the shopping is good or the food is tasty, customers will be back to your business. But clean restrooms can be crucial in gaining regular customers as well. Oftentimes, restrooms are one of the first areas of a business guests see, many times being the first place a guest goes before shopping, sitting down for dinner or conducting other business. Additionally, guests will clearly remember the impression or feeling they got from your restrooms if they’re asked about your place of business. Dirty, unkempt restrooms will erase any positive aspects guests may have otherwise told others about your business.

The expectations of customers today are high, as they should be. Customers expect cleanliness and care from all areas of a business, particularly one they plan to visit more than once. Personal hygiene is important to them, and they expect to be able to protect themselves from germs and bacteria with clean, sanitized and well-equipped/stocked restrooms. Much of these expectations are a result of the growing use of hygiene technologies. WellBeing, for example, provides a full range of these technologies—from touch-free soap and sanitizer dispensing to automated feminine hygiene disposals.

These types of technologies not only offer customers want they expect, they also give businesses that utilize them an advantage in customer satisfaction.

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