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The Importance of Restroom Sanitation

A restroom can serve as a reflection of the type of business or facility you operate and manage. In addition to helping maintain as healthy an environment as possible, a clean and sanitized restroom serves as a reminder to guests that your business values their patronage.

Keeping the community healthy

There’s an old saying that begins “At least you’ve got your health…” The truth in this saying rings more true than ever when we’re sick and out of work or school. It’s easy to take our good health for granted. Believe it or not, it only takes one unkempt, bacteria-invested restroom to make a whole host of people sick. How?

When germs from a dirty restroom transfers to a user and they become sick, it becomes very likely that person will sicken others around them. The domino effect continues and, before you know it, countless people are not feeling well. The rate and probability of transfer obviously increases when it comes to public restrooms that are used by large numbers of people—like school restrooms.

What is the solution?

There’s no surefire way to eliminate germs altogether, but there are steps facilities managers can take to decrease the chance of the germs spreading. Aside from regular and thorough cleanings, restroom can be equipped with hands-free devices and other tools to ensure a healthy experience. For example, automatic-flush toilets, seat covers, hands-free soap and hand sanitizer dispensers, faucets and hand dryers as well as appropriate feminine hygiene vending and even sanitary floor mats can greatly reduce the risk of germ spread and infection.

Yes, your restroom can impact your bottom line

All business depends on customers to survive and, though it may seem silly, clean restrooms can keep customers coming back (just as dirty restrooms can keep customers away).
In a restaurant, for instance, no customer wants to use a restroom that is not clean. If your restroom isn’t clean, what other areas of your business aren’t up to par? The dining area? The soft drink machine? The kitchen? Even if these other areas are spick and span, there’s a good chance the customer will use their first impression of your restroom to cast judgment on your establishment’s entire operation.

Also, don’t underestimate the speed at which word-of-mouth reviews travel. An unhappy customer is more than willing to share their feelings about a bad experience with friends, family and anyone who will listen.

What is the solution?

Invest in your restroom. Equip it with hands-free technologies and keep it properly stocked with toiletries and other items. Perform regular checks and any necessary cleanups; it’s easier to clean up small messes often than wait until later to clean up a big mess. Your customers will thank you—and so will your bottom line.

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