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WellBeing Hygiene is Going Paperless!

In 2015, WellBeing Hygiene is moving to a paperless service and receipt system to facilitate efficient service visits and reduce waste. Upon the completion of each service visit, an electronic receipt will be automatically generated via a handheld tablet. While onsite, our Client Service Technicians will request that a representative of the company record their signature on the tablet. The service ticket will be automatically emailed to each onsite facility and billing contact.

In addition, a new online customer web portal will allow our customers to log in and access the service records for their company at any time, from any location, and from any device.

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Out with the old, in with the new!

  • Instead of receiving a traditional paper service ticket, WellBeing will now automatically send your signed service receipts to a designated recipient or recipients.
    Customers will have the option to receive an email upon each service visit, or a batch email that includes multiple service visits.
  • Each electronic service receipt will provide time stamped, detailed descriptions of each service performed, along with the corresponding quantities of units serviced.
  • Our new online customer web portal will provide instant access to archived service records for viewing and printing.
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Customer Notifications

Customers will receive email notifications of the future 2015 service ticket changes. Additionally, WellBeing’s Client Service Technicians will be distributing informational flyers during service visits, as well as gathering email addresses for each onsite facility & billing contacts. There will also be an opportunity for any onsite facility service or billing representatives to submit their contact information via WellBeing Hygiene’s online enrollment form, Click Here To Sign Up Now.