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WellBeing Partners with Dyson Airblade

We are proud to announce a new hand dryer partnership with Dyson’s Airblade. Working in just 12 seconds, it’s the fastest hand dryer – and it’s hygienic, too, forcing air through a HEPA filter before blowing it onto hands. And because it uses up to 80% less energy than warm air hand dryers, it costs less to run. It can also help lower a business’s carbon footprint – with no paper towels creating waste.

Dyson has a worldwide reputation for establishing innovative equipment for use at home or in industry and commerce; most people would be familiar with television advertising of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. In recent times, Dyson has been working with product engineers to create brand new concepts and designs for long established household products, in addition to the release of their modern electric fan.

WellBeing has signed an agreement to become the only official distributor that provides a full-service lease option. Current WellBeing clients are now offered a better alternative to cut paper costs as well as do away with warm hand dryers that are too slow and unhygienic. Warm air hand dryers are too slow. Some can take as long as 43 seconds to work. It’s because of their motors. They can’t create enough airflow to remove water from hands effectively. They’re also unhygienic, sucking in dirty washroom air and blowing it back onto hands. And they still heat the air – which is expensive and not very green.

Dyson has conducted many case studies which demonstrate both the health and cost benefits of the Airblade. WellBeing Hygiene’s program will also benefit your budget during tough financial times! Through our full-service leasing program, your facility will no longer have to budget the outright purchase of a Dyson Airblade as a capital expense, therefore allowing you to realize a substantial Return on Investment starting on Day 1. Contact us to receive a complimentary savings analysis.

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