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What is the Sneeze Effect?

The “sneeze effect” in toilets is something that often goes overlooked. When you flush your toilet, your toilet spews plumes of bacteria, moisture and viruses in the air. These particles can land on your bathroom surfaces (or you) up to eight feet. Simply putting your toilet seat and cover down will not prevent the spread of these bathroom germs. Make sure you keep your toothbrush and other items that need to be kept sanitary away from your toilet for optimal sanitation.

Below are things you can do to help maintain a clean environment around your toilet.

  • Put the toilet seat and cover down prior to flushing to buy some extra time to leave the area around your toilet.
  • Clean your toilet regularly and after it has been vomited in or after a user had diarrhea.
  • Clean thoroughly. Be sure to clean under the rim of your toilet bowl in those “hard to reach” areas including the bottom side of your toilet seat.
  • Clean the ceilings and walls around the toilet. Those areas can be impacted too.

Automatic Cleaning Service

Automatic Flush and Cleaning Systems ensure that urinals and toilets are always clean, odor and bacteria free, and presentable. A clean restroom means your customers and employees alike have a better chance at staying healthy when visiting your commercial restroom facility. View our automatic cleaning solutions and start promoting a healthy restroom environment for your employees and guests today.

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