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What Schools Should do to Fight Germs

Although schools are necessary for furthering kids’ knowledge and skill sets, it is also a hotbed for germs and other illness causing contaminants. Regardless of how clean a particular student is, there is no way that he/she could completely avoid the ever-apparent compilation of germs. In order to keep the students safe from colds, flus and other viruses, schools should constantly look at ways that they can help prevent the spread of these illnesses and maintain a healthy environment for everyone.

Use Hands-free technology

Because of the way children play, they are particularly susceptible to germs via contact. Since contact spread is responsible for 80% of all infectious diseases, it’s imperative that schools limit the amount of objects that require touch operation, especially for those germy fixtures in the bathroom. In this case, hands-free technology is the perfect solution. It allows teachers and students to operate germ infested fixtures such as:

  • Automated faucets
  • Soap/sanitizer dispensers
  • Automatic flushers
  • Hand dryers and more

Promote proper hygiene

Encouraging students to employ proper hygienic procedures in a fun and entertaining way can be extremely useful. Instead of boring them with a lecture or scaring them with facts, teachers and other school professionals should engage students in an open environment so they can learn via positive reinforcement. Include issues such as:

  • Proper hand washing
  • Cough etiquette
  • Sharing personal items
  • Healthy foods
  • What germs actually are, etc.

Provide healthier meal options

It is very important for schools to develop healthier meal plan option for students, because 70% of our immune function is in our gut. Schools should avoid sugar and processed foods as much as possible and offer students a diet rich in:

  • Fresh vegetables – especially dark leafy greens
  • Fruits
  • Unprocessed whole grains, nuts and legumes
  • Grass-fed meat
  • And occasionally dairy

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