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Who Benefits from hands Free Restroom Products

Are you a business owner thinking about investing in touch-free products for your restrooms? Perhaps you’ve seen hands-free devices in other restrooms; you’ve probably even used them yourself. No matter what has led you to install touch-free hygiene products, you and your business, your employees, as well as your guests will benefit.

You and Your Business

As a business owner, you probably spend much of your time focusing on running a profitable operation. Hand-free devices can make for good news when it comes to your business’s bottom line. Touch-free products like faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers and automated flushing toilets will put you and your business at the forefront of technology, saving you money in the long run—through less water consumption, and reduced cleaning and labor costs. You also can take satisfaction in knowing that you’re being a good steward to the environment by conserving water and reducing sanitary waste.


You, as a boss and business owner, may very well may be deemed a hero by your employees by installing hands-free devices. Not only will they be able to comfortably use the restroom without fear of germs and bacteria but, overtime, they’ll likely find they are getting sick less often. This is because, by using hands-free devices in restrooms, the chance of cross-infection decreases. Employees will be happier and healthier; this is another way your bottom line will benefit since happy and healthy employees will provide excellent customer service and require less time off due to illness.

Guests and Customers

A restroom can serve as a reflection of your overall business. A clean, well-kempt restroom indicates to guests that you care about your business, whereas a dirty, unkempt restroom gives another impression altogether. This is why it’s critical that all business owners and/or operators maintain their restrooms. It can truly make or break a business. Hands-free technologies, which customers know is an investment by you and your business, let’s these guests know that your business and their patronage to your business is important to you. These touch-free products also can assist in maintaining a clean restroom environment. There will be less standing water around the sink and hand-drying areas and toilets and urinals will be clean for each guest. Guests to your restrooms will leave with a good impression. They’ll remember it, too, and likely tell others that your business is one that genuinely cares about its customers.

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