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Why Schools Need Hands Free Technology in Restrooms

Young children are more prone to getting sick from germs than most adults, because of their developing immune systems. Because the schools most children go to are densely populated, sharing supplies is common. It’s no secret that most children don’t have the best hygiene habits, and with so many of them touching EVERYTHING, the odds are your child will be bringing home more than just homework this school year. This is why schools need hands-free technology to help keep the students safe. Hands-free technology is perhaps the most revolutionary innovation for schools and they should take advantage of the evolving trend.

Physical contact is the most common way for germs to be spread; therefore, schools and students would benefit greatly from using hands-free technology. The following are some helpful hands-free items that schools should utilize to help stop the spread of germs:

Automated Faucets

When it comes to germ catchers, faucets are top of the list, especially ones in the bathroom. They provide the perfect environment where germs can flourish. By using a hands-free faucet, you can eliminate the potential for kids to catch germs because no “touching” is involved. Wave your hand under the faucet and water will immediately come out. Once you are finished the water will stop as soon as you pull your hand away from the sink.

Soap dispensers

A regular bar of soap can be infested with germs, especially if it is touched by a number of students. With a hands-free soap dispenser, you simply wave your hand in front of the sensor and it will dispense a drop of soap in your palm. The same device can be used for hand sanitizers and can be placed easily in hallways, classrooms, restrooms, etc.

Hand dryers

Even though you touch a hand dryer after you have already washed your hands, viruses and bacteria still find their way onto the unsuspecting product through the air and other means. With a hands-free hand dryer, you just put your hand under it and VOILA! Your hands are dry without the risk of being infected with germs.

Air fresheners

The bathroom can host a range of bad smells due to germs and other air pollutants. With hands-free air fresheners and neutralizers, you can give that bathroom a clean air smell without having to risk touching germ infested air freshener cans or other freshening products.

Automatic flushers

Toilets host a wide array of germs that can cause cross-contamination from handle touching and odors from unflushed equipment. Hands-free/automatic flushers will help ensure the consistent cleanliness of the restroom by automatically flushing after use, which leaves no need for the student to touch the contaminated toilet.

As parents, teachers and individuals determined to create a healthier environment for children, it is our responsibility to provide the best for them. Since most of their time is spent at school, hands-free technology would be a great investment not only for children’s health, but for the overall health of the school itself.

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