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Why Schools Should Consider Hands Free Restroom Equipment

Schools are often the place where a season’s sickness begins. A small group of children spread germs easily, but when dozens upon dozens of children congregate in a shared place, many times using the same learning tools and equipment, germs have the capability to spread even more quickly.

While schools will never be able to altogether prevent germs and their spared, there are areas—mainly the restroom facilities—that can be equipped with hands-free devices to help deter germs. This can result in not only better health and better learning for students, but less sick time taken by students and staff as well as parents and siblings. Employers will be happy, too. They’ll have a more productive workforce and have to pay less sick time. It’s a win across the board that goes far beyond just four classroom walls.

Automatic-flush toilets

The less children have to touch in a restroom, the better—mostly because young children, more so than any other age group, are less likely to wash their hands. This is where automatic-flush toilets pay off. If a child chooses to not wash their hands following using the restroom, at least germs contracted from flushing the toilet will not be a concern if the facilities are equipped with automatic-flush toilets. No germs are best, but a few germs are better than many germs.
Additionally, children can be forgetful. Should they forget to flush, no worries—the automatic-flush function will take care of the problem.

Hands-free soap dispensers and faucets

Hundreds, and in some cases thousands, of children use a school’s restroom facilities every day. Hands-free soap dispensers and faucets help keep restrooms clean and can save a great deal of money on expenses. Less soap is used at facilities equipped with hands-free dispensers, as is less water. Janitors also will spend less time cleaning up soapy, watery messes. It goes without saying that the germs are kept at bay since dispensing and faucet hardware are not being touched by countless hands.

Hands-free dryers

Hands-free dryers are invaluable for any busy restroom facility. This especially holds true when it comes to school restrooms. Hands-free dryers minimize germs, prevent litter messes and help the environment. Children will enjoy not having to hassle with a paper towel dispenser, janitors will appreciate not picking up dirty paper towels and Mother Nature will reap the rewards of less waste. And, let’s not forget the money savings that comes along with these benefits.

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