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Why Customers Need WellBeing

WellBeing clients are any organization, business or corporation that provides restroom facilities for their employees or the public and that will benefit from the comprehensive and guaranteed services you have to offer as a WellBeing franchisee.

The facts tell the tale

Most of the viruses that cause colds are spread through physical contact and and furthermore the pathogenic bacteria that causes diarrhea, food poisoning and many other illnesses are commonly found in bathrooms. Recent studies indicate that Americans do not wash their hands as often as they should, behavior that could be due to fear of contracting a virus from the last person who used the facilities. The increasing worry about the spread of bloodborne pathogens and other byproducts of an unsanitary facility is a compelling case for why the WellBeing products are needed.

WellBeing services

The WellBeing service encompasses a full range of state of the art touch-free equipment designed to eliminate cross-contamination from user to user and provide a clean, hygienic environment for employees and visitors.

From a uniquely designed touch-free sanitary bin for discreet and hygienic feminine product disposal to an air neutralizing system that utilizes cutting edge technology to neutralize malodor and replace it with light, pleasing fragrances, the WellBeing service is fast becoming the provider of choice when it comes to restroom hygiene programs.

The WellBeing franchise also offers a complete line of automatic flushing systems and automatic touch-free faucets, in addition to touch-free soap dispensers, floor mats to further protect cleanliness and a full disposal service for bio-hazardous waste – fully compliant with EPA and OSHA regulations.


WellBeing philosophy

With a philosophy built on a commitment to much needed increased hygienic standards in restrooms, excellent customer service and meeting client’s individual needs, the success and sense of accomplishment enjoyed by the WellBeing team and employees can also be yours.